Technical Expertise
You've got a great idea for a business and it is time to start thinking about your website, email, remote access, a phone system, 24x7 monitoring, fraud - the list can seem endless.

How can you find and employ all these different people? - Maybe you donít have to.

I have 43 years experience of designing, implementing and supporting a wide range of equipment from IBM XT's to Microsoft Windows 10, Transatlantic submarine repeaters to Voice XML servers, Satellite earth stations to surface mounted devices.

I have been working with start up companies for over 25 years now and enjoy the challenge and environment they offer. Prior to this, I ran my own consultancy company contracting into larger organisations dealing mainly with Windows NT migrations.

My current availibility
Since moving to Hythe (Hampshire) in 2008, and trying to sell our home in London, I have been concentrating on smaller local businesses via my new company greenwood-IT.

I have a number of smaller ongoing projects but am interested to look at part time, full time and short term contracts - especially locally.

Last updated March 2011
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