John Paul Greenwood

gggggggggggg Hythe, Hampshire, SO45 gg

Mobile telephone: gggggg

Home telephone: gggggg

Email: gggggggggg

Date of birth: gggggg, 1965

Driving licence: Full and clean

CRB/DBS status: Clear – January 2014



Key Skills

         Logical & Flexible thinker

         Problem Solver


         Practical & Adaptive

         Work to a Deadline

         Computer Literate


         Wide Technical Knowledge

         Team leader




Sep 1981 –

Sep 1986


BTEC in Technology and Communications

Maths, Materials & Workshop Practices, Telecoms Systems, Electrical Principles, Transmission Systems, Telephone Switching Systems, Electrical Drawing, General & Communications, Digital techniques, Electronics.

HTEC in Technology and Communications

Maths, Circuit Theory & Principles, Industrial Studies, Digital Principles, Telephony & Transmission.

Other key qualifications

Microsoft Windows NT Installation & Administration, Compaq Field Service Engineer, Novell Network Administrator, ARC Advanced Digital Fault Location & Repair, Microprocessor Control & Testing, BSAC Advanced Instructor, First Aid & AED.



Technical Summary

Operating Systems


CPM, DOS 3.1 to 6.0, Windows 2.1 to 3.11, Windows NT 3.1 to 4.0 (Server and Workstation), Windows 2000 (Server, Advanced Server and Professional), Windows XP (Home, Professional, Tablet and Media Centre), Windows 7, Windows 2003 (Server, Web Server and Small Business Server).

Key Languages


Assembler (Z80, 6502 and 8080/8085), ABasic, GWBasic, TurboBasic, Batch Scripting, vbScript, Visual Basic, ASP, PHP, XML, VoiceXML, HTML, JavaScript, NWBSetup.

Key Technologies


Compaq Proliant Servers (800 to 5000’s including most peripherals and configurations), Microsoft SQL Server 8.0, Oracle (8 and 9), Microsoft Exchange (5.5, 2000 and 2003), Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Ubiquity SIP Application Server, Asterisk softswitch, mySQL, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS 4, 5, 6 and PWS), Windows Load Balancing Service (NLB/WLBS), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), NetSpeak H.323 Platform, RSA SecureID, Cybersource fraud systems, Thwate SSL Certificates, Bibit payment processing, Protx payment processing, Google Checkout, Microsoft Passport.



2007 – current



Greenwood-IT Network Services & IT Consultancy

Providing IT services and consultancy to small and start-up businesses mainly in the local area. Tasks have ranged from simple hardware sales and configuration to data recovery and backup strategy implementation.


May 2007 –

June 2007


ThirdTransition – Web, Database and Payments systems developer

Migrating an existing system from a legacy content management system to a custom designed multilingual replacement. The original job requirement was to develop a simpler system for the site owner to manage and update the stock and web content, but this rapidly grew into a total overhaul of the entire web based business. This allowed the company to expand into international markets by offering multiple languages, currencies (with real time exchange rates) and international postage. New features include promotional discount codes, bulk purchase discounts and mailing list management as well as a marking email system that includes email tracking and reporting.




Sep 2006 –

Jan 2007


Atkins Estates - Live Site (2)


Atkins Estates – Technical Architect

Working as a consultant with a new local estate agent to setup two offices in North London. I was responsible for the procurement, build and installation of the office infrastructure including desktops, servers, printers, networks, telephones, email and website. The website build necessitated the reverse engineering of an existing 3rd party database product in order to avoid having to manage a separate database for each marketing channel.




March 2006 –

Nov 2006



Livewire – Payment Systems Architect

Working as a consultant with another well-established Voice Over IP carrier with a global infrastructure based in the UK and Canada. I was responsible for the design of a number of new services including a new Credit Card processing system to integrate with their 3rd party billing system (including anti-fraud) and an account management solution for international call shops/small businesses.




May 2006 –

Aug 2006



Rainbow Quay – Video Security Software Engineer

Employed as a consultant to design, develop and implement a video security solution for a docklands estate’s underground car parks. The platform is based around Axis IP cameras and a dedicated Windows 2000 server with custom software for motion detection, recording and alerting. Due to the buildings size, locations and power restrictions, most of the network uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless networks to access remote buildings.




June 2005 –

June 2006




MendITnow Services (UK) Ltd Technical Director

Responsible for managing all technical aspects of this internet startup from budgets to CAT5 cable installation. Took a flat HTML web site delivered from a 3rd party web design agency to a fully functional ASP website in a matter of weeks. This included the design and implementation of the SQL backend, credit card processing and SMS as well as MSN messaging integration. This product was deployed using Windows 2003 SBS and 2003 Web editions for the public servers as well as Sharepoint and Exchange for the backend office. Additionally, developed the majority of the VoIP platform based around an Asterisk server and a VoiceXML IVR hosted platform. This was my first ‘geographic’ project that utilised latitude, longitude, postcode, trigonometry, presence and maps.




Various dates in 2005



Abney Park Cemetery Trust Technical Consultant

Responsible for converting an old website containing the details of 200,000 graves from flat online HTML pages to a new SQL database driven site. This involved firstly developing a HTML page scraping and parsing process to capture the raw data from the obsolete website. This data was then cleaned and updated before being republished with a much improved search capabilities. The new search portal that I wrote also includes a feature whereby users can upload their family history in GEDCOM format and have their relatives located in the Abney Park database – to my knowledge this had never been done before.




Jan 2000 –

April 2005


Callserve Communications Ltd Technical Director

Responsible for managing the technical teams covering customer support and 24x7 operations as well as research and development. I started with a team consisting of 2 other technicians and was responsible for the design and build of the initial data centre. Within 6 months of starting the company we had created a fully resilient data centre from scratch and employed 50 people. As business grew I was tasked with reducing online credit card fraud. The process I developed and implemented reduced this down to below 0.5% and was acknowledged by Microsoft as being the best in the eCommerce and Telecoms market. I was, as one of the original infrastructure designers, directly involved in all system migrations the biggest being the move from Oracle to SQL and H323 to SIP. Both of these migrations were done in real-time on the production systems without effecting customer traffic. As the head of the R&D department I was also directly involved in solutions development for the numerous customer requests, the biggest being a request to manage discreet telephone devices remotely. This request resulted in one other web developer and I writing OMNI – a web based package that allows call shops to manage individual VoIP devices both locally and remotely. Currently OMNI provides around 40% of Callserve’s monthly revenue. As Technical Director I was responsible for budgets (Microsoft Excel), board reports (Microsoft Word), staff reviews, infrastructure planning (Microsoft Visio and Project) and the day to day running of a 30 person strong technical team.

As part of Callserve’s disaster recovery and contingency planning team I was the primary contact for the Counter Terrorism East Forum (CTEF) and would have been the first person in Callserve contacted if a terrorist incident occurred in the docklands.




Mar 1995-

Jan 2000


NatWest logo


National Westminster Bank plc - Senior Build Centre Analyst

Initially I was employed on a 1 week contract to build four NT 3.5 servers for a team of developers. 5 years later I was responsible for over 50,000 NT machines and millennium compliance of all computer hardware within NatWest branches.

         Employed to develop a build process which would enable the Retail Banking Platform (RBP) rollout at the rate of 50 branches per night using 3rd party engineers (IBM). This final solution involved me personally developing the RBP Generic Build and RBP Generic Patch processes for NT3.51 and NT4.0. This process utilised computer profiling solutions from Microsoft as well as unattended scripts based around our own in house NWBSetup (which I was involved in writing the specification for and acceptance testing). The patch process was particularly interesting in that it dynamically wrote an uninstall script as it went along so that it was always possible to revert a machine to its previous state should it fail. These processes were successfully used to deploy and maintain 45,000 workstations and over 2,500 servers into the branch network.

         Modified the Generic Build process to produce a Maintainers Recovery CD, which allows an entire site to be rebuilt within 4 hours for disaster recovery purposes. Single workstations could be rebuilt and back in service within 60 minutes of the engineer arriving onsite. These CD were issued to every IBM engineer in the country and enabled NatWest to recover from almost any branch problem in a matter of hours.

         As part of the millennium preparations NatWest were required to upgrade the BIOS in all of its deployed Compaq Servers. This would have necessitated almost 2,000 out-of-hours branch visits by IBM. I therefore wrote a Remote BIOS upgrade process for Compaq Proliant Servers, which Compaq originally said was impossible. NatWest Bank implemented my Remote BIOS upgrade process across all servers on their Retail Banking Platform and achieved millennium compliance with less than a 0.1% failure rate.

         NatWest had also planned to rebuild its entire RBP network to NT4.0 using IBM, but I demonstrated a process that would allow us to do the same task remotely across the wire, which also had the added advantage that we could rollback the change if we had problems – something a total rebuild could not do. My Remote Unattended upgrade from NT3.51 to NT4.0 was documented and presented to Microsoft for review by their QFE engineers to ensure it would result in a supportable platform. Microsoft confirmed that they were totally happy to support the upgrade process and NatWest then implemented the upgrade across their entire Retail Banking Platform network outside of business hours in under 2 months.

         Played a major role in the recovery of the NatWest network during the June 1998 incident ('RBP Meltdown' according to the press), working directly with Microsoft’s American CPR staff who were flown in, including 'breaking' into a NatWest branch to access the live network directly when remote management processes had failed. The root cause was proven to be a Microsoft LSA leak and a badly written NatWest Application.




Sep 1981 –

Mar 1995


British Telecommunications plcTechnical Officer


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National Code Change Project (phONEday ‘95)

I led a team of 3 engineers in the South East of England and was directly responsible for developing a migration process using the SALT scripting language. These scripts used a modem to connect to remote switches and exchanges to download their routing, dialling and stored numbers. The scripts then modified the stored data and uploaded a set of deltas before restarting the switch. Using three 286 DOS computers and a couple of 2400 baud modems we updated 750,000 lines of configuration data in under 2 months.


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Keybridge International Area Repair Centre (INTARC)

Originally I joined the INTARC as a repair engineer working on PCs and peripherals down to component level. This often involved working on foreign equipment without any diagrams or support and having to find replacement components to affect an economic repair. I was qualified to work on any equipment from 5v CMOS circuit boards using a digital logic analyser up to colour monitors with a 40Kv probe.

Latterly my main responsibility was for the repair centres PC network which was originally based around Novell 2.10 and 3.11. I wrote a number of key multi-user applications for fault tracking, stores control and auditing as part of our BS5750 accreditation.


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Mondial Electronic Incoming Coder Project (EIC)

I was the lead digital engineer directly responsible for the manufacture of prototype circuit boards from drawings, as well as assisting with the physical installation of racks, cabling and power.


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Main Telemessage Office (MTO London)

I was actively involved in UK’s change from Telex machines to computers in the Telemessage network. I provided technical support to the instructors and ensured the smooth running of the MSX training systems for both technical and operator courses. Once the system was live I became involved in writing the supporting software, such as statistical and diagnosis applications, for the Edgeley call queuing system using BASIC and 6502 assembly code on a Commodore PET.



Hobbies & Other Interests

British Sub Aqua Club

         Scuba Diving - This is a shared hobby, both my wife and I are BSAC Advanced Instructors. In the past, I was legally responsible, as Diving Officer, for the BT London Sub-Aqua Club's training & safety standards.


         Computers & Communications - I ran a technical Bulletin Board from home on an NT3.5 network, providing support for my own software, for over 10 years. I currently run a Windows 2003 Virtual Server in Canada, where I host a number of websites for local companies, organisations and friends.


         Member of the Guild of One Name Studies - I have researched my own Greenwood family back to the early 1500’s. I enjoy logic problems, and family history is very logical and almost always a problem.


         Cycling – I regularly cycled around London and it’s a hobby enjoyed by the whole family now we are in Hampshire.


         Photography & Video – I have been taking pictures both above ground and underwater for a number of years, and once offered professional photographic services via one of my websites. A number of my images have been published elsewhere on the web and in print.